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Foreign Ministry denied that Chinese hackers to attack Google mailbox

Time: 2017-04-22
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National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau announced yesterday, described on the Internet map. Management approach according to the new amendments, Google China and other foreign organizations to obtain Internet Map service qualification, still need to set up a joint venture, but the the original China Holdings requirements has quietly changed.

National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau recently begun to rectify the Internet map service, and revealed that after July 1, will be investigated and dealt with according to the law of public exposure has yet to apply for the Internet map service mapping qualifications, continue to engage in the Internet map service website. May 30, the National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau has published the list of the number of informed criticism.

Out Google Maps service outside attention is not the exposure, a time speculating about everywhere, Google China's response on the matter with a few months ago is no different cause.

Then National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau yesterday released again, "the person in charge on foreign organizations or individuals in China Interim Measures for the Administration of Surveying and Mapping" Fix A reporter asked "foreign organizations operate Internet map will be described. Amendments to the new management approach was completed on April 27 this year.

Although still provides the management approach, foreign organizations or individuals in China engaged in the Internet map service activities must be legally established joint venture. However, the most noteworthy is the previously asked China to be holding in the joint venture requirements, has quietly changed to foreign investment proportion shall not exceed 50%.

聽 This means that the policy has been slightly relaxed map service qualification to apply for foreign Internet companies.

The end of October last year, a Secretary-level leadership of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping told Sina science and technology, such as Google Maps have been determined to not be able to obtain the appropriate license, unless the server is moved to the country, and the establishment of the China Holdings, a joint venture.


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