Shenzhen Piesia Electronic technology Co., Ltd is a collection of various types of industrial motherboards and embedded products,research, development,production, sales and service as one of the national high-tech enterprises of industry specific computer products.Products related to industrial CPU card,embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, integrated workstation.The tablet computer industry (PPC), network safety of machinery system,Disk array, passive backplane,Industrial power and industrial computer accessories and other products.


Company products are widely used in industrial automation,communication equipment, power equipment, network security,intelligent transportation, video surveillance, health care,military / aerospace equipment, self-service terminal,storage device, digital signage, on-board computer,3C applications and many other fields.


Relying on strong R & D and technical strength, complete and flexible product manufacturing capabity,outstanding quality management and brand advantage,marketing and technical services network.The company's market share increased year by year.Not only is Intel embedded and communications Alliance (ECA) members,Microsoft embedded partner,it is also one of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo, Shanghai, one of the construction of the embedded computer providers.


As the first state-level high-tech enterprises,the company's vision is to become the industry leader in the field of computer industry".Since its inception, it has been dedicated to the development of the national industry dedicated  computer industry.Not only provides advanced technical solutions,excellent quality products, perfect customer service,strive to build China's most reliable industry dedicated computer products"