Customized service
Piesia ODM Solution Services

Piesia reply on professional technical ability and R&D advantage,Combined with the experience of customer service, provide customers with industrial computer motherboard customized service。Whatever ODM motherboard and industrial pc,all can completed quickly.

One-stop service
Shenzhen Piesia Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd establish a stable strategic partnership with industrial chain upstream and downstream partners. Join hands with Intel, ARM and other partners to provide you with a full range of services.From computer hardware to operating systems, product drivers, security software,we can provide a set of the best cost-effective solution.

Concerted efforts to ensure efficiency

From the first you need to start, the staff to become the industry's most
loyal partner,we will respond to your needs in the first time,based on long-term commitment to grow together with customers,a one-stop service system for dispatching industry,to ensure that the products you need in the contract period to reach the agreed objectives.As a manufacturing enterprise, we know the importance of normal production equipment outage,Through the security system, coordinated planning, "one-stop service system" can guarantee the reliability of production,Responsible for the responsibility of the team to send industrial services,management simplification greatly improves service personalization and customer satisfaction.

Customer oriented, tailored specially

Shenzhen Piesia Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd has professional R & D team,operator skills, parts quality and delivery, maintenance technology and standards, quality assurance,and plant environment etc.In the spirit of customer centered,for different customer requirements will be based on customer demand changes in real time,able to provide customized service solutions.

Over the years we have been in constant contact with our customers,understand the customized services to meet their needs.Customers are more pro customized solutions,To this end, we continue to improve the level of customized services,able to provide customers with unique needs to develop solutions to provide maximum value to customers.

Development and process

Shenzhen Piesia Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd relies on professional technical ability and research and development advantages,To provide customers with various types of special computer card, the whole product customization solution.

*30 working days to complete the card product customization
*10 working days to complete the structure of customized products

"Customer-oriented" flexible ODM design process

*Requirement management 
*Select the appropriate key components
*Hardware and software development
*10 working days to complete the review of structural products for design 
*Cost, test and production design
*Prototype Development 
*Test concept and benchmark design
*Reliability, validation and customer acceptance testing
*Quality planning and management throughout the entire process of mass productio n,to ensure the maturity of product in mass production


1.customized service

■ Motherboard customization

In addition to providing standard industrial embedded card eg,3.5寸、EPIC、5.25 inch、PC/104、Mini-ITX、ATX、Self service terminal card, Q-seven and other board products,Also provide non-standard card customization services.

 Customized services for single board include:
*Customization function combination, plate type, interface
*Customized CMOS/BIOS settings
*Customization of accessories and peripherals
*Custom embedded operating system
*Customized environment and EMC testing, etc

■Whole machine customized
Provide customized service for machine and system solutions 
Customized services include:



2.Project Case 
  Shenzhen Piesia Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd in management in a comprehensive and systematic grasp of the capital operation process.More scientific and meticulous financial budget,maximize the utilization of funds.Based on the operating principle of making progress, sincerity, cooperation, high efficiency and quality management standards based on the company's team building work,Adhere to the concept of personnel training,to provide customers with better service and scientific guidance.