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PIESIA INDUSTRIAL CONTROL passed national mandatory product certification in China

Time: 2017-11-27
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Product quality is the fundamental way of business development, but also to provide consumers with high-quality products, help the market to protect the fundamental development. PIESIA Industrial Control has always been the quality of strict requirements and conducted a mandatory national product certification, obtained by the China Quality Certification Center issued a "China Compulsory Certification"

PIESIA Industrial Control strictly in accordance with the current CCC standards of production, quality management professional norms, the production order is stable. During the review, audit team of experts on the company's recording materials and production sites for review, the production process control and process inspection, internal quality audit, the various departments of the operating processes, supplier control, packaging, handling and storage carried out rigorous review. The audit team of experts on the PIESIA quality assurance system and products fully affirmed and put forward many valuable opinions so that all PIESIA 3C certification system has a more profound understanding of the quality of the higher requirements. After the audit team of experts and his party a rigorous, standardized, serious examination, PIESIA to meet the technical, quality, production and other requirements.

The successful passing of 3C certification marks PIESIA's stricter and more standardized standards on product safety, quality and management processes. As a leader in industrial control industry, PIESIA will be more confident to lead the industrial control industry to standardization and standardization direction, continue to make a positive contribution to the development of industrial computer products.

piesia Through 3C certification

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